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ABOUT OUR Kids' Dentistry

The Dentist On Skillman is a family practice and we believe that proper oral care for our children is just as important as caring for our own teeth.

Good dental hygiene habits start early. Children should be seen by a dentist when their first baby tooth grows in or when they turn one, whichever comes first. Baby teeth are like training wheels for adult teeth, so it’s important to lay the foundations for proper oral care from the beginning to prevent future cavities or other extensive dental procedures as they grow. Early dental care can also help to prevent braces, as certain crowding and spacing conditions can be treated before the need for braces occurs.

At The Dentist On Skillman, we believe that most children are able to be seen by a family dentist and undergo treatment if necessary. When appropriate, we can also arrange for your child to be treated in a specialized pediatric dental setting, just a few minutes away.

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